Monday, June 18, 2012

The Search

One thing I wish I knew when I was in college was how important it is to find a job you like before graduating. Or even just have an idea of what is out there. I look at my life and wish I did a better job at both of them. Job searching is not a fun thing to do. It's tough with 2 jobs to make time to search. I have reached out to other states, but that has proven to be hard. They want you in the state to interview(I don't think I can just drop my life and move without knowing I have a job). Money always raises an issue to. I need to know what I make I can live off of. I love working with people, staying connected through social media, and being busy. I am focusing on marketing, social media, and writing jobs...As I continue I notice how important networking is. No matter where I am there is always an opportunity for someone to be able to help me out. As for now my search continues..

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello Summer

Such a tough memorial day! No beach! I think it's the first time in my life I have not spent my long weekend away at the beach! I worked at bo brooks weds, sat, sunday. I made great $ so it was worth it, other then not getting a tan.
I layed out back for a little at my house, so not like the beach. Felt weird having backyards and houses so close to me and no sand under my toes.
I ran with my friend roy in the heat of bmore, then ran again Monday. There are some algea blooms in the harbor that are killing fish, making bmore smell horrible.
I am working 2 jobs now and staying busy, but something just isn't right.. I am just in a blah mood, as sad as it may sound I think its a combination of my job and the beach. I am not enjoying my day job, and know no beach trips are planned its making me in a blah mood. I am job searching every day, I have even applied for a job in Florida..Anything to make me happy again...I am also trying to plan a long weekend to beach asap!
I did get Melanie and I tickets to o's vs nat's game. I am excited for cousin time out in bmore! I took off the day after the game so we can really enjoy ourselves Sat at the game!
Both my cousins now know what they are having in the fall, a boy for Katie and a girl for Brooke! It will be a fun filled fall with the new babies!
Lets hope as the weather gets better and I get to have some fun my next posting will be in better spirits!

Friday, May 18, 2012

work, sleep, work repeat

Wow has May flown by! I got a job at bo brooks serving (little crab place on water in Canton). I wanted to make sure I kept busy and made $. Went out with the workers on the square and had a great time. I knew I would enjoy working with them. So far I have trained for 8 days, tonight is my last training shift. The money the servers make is awesome! I am so ready to have a little extra summer fun money!

My car hit 100,000 miles the other day. I feel like since then things have been acting up. I need to get my mirror fixed(someone hit it off). Then somone side swiped my car.. it looks so beat up, but that is the price of living in the city...More reason to get a 2nd job.

I have been working my normal 8-430 job then rushing to brooks at 530.. its tiring, but I know it will be worth it once I start bringing home $$..

My parents are in the bahamas for 2 weeks. I was going to watch lola, but working so much I did not want to leave her alone. She is with her other dog friends at the beach. I was trying to spend 5 days at the beach for memorial day weekend, but the new job wont allow that. I am trying to get down there for a day or 2...
Applied for a new job in Florida, I know its far, but sometimes you just have to follow your heart and mine is telling me to make sure I am happy and enjoying my job. Can't beat the sunshine state!

My cousin is pregnant and found out it's going to be a girl.. so excited for her and I am going to be the best aunt ever! Her step sister is also pregnant and she finds out at the end of this month if its a girl or boy.. Kerri came to the states(she lives in costa rica) and we got to meet Zoe Lu(her daughter). It was a great weekend and we had a mass for mommalou, it was great to get everyone together to remember the best grandmother ever!

Off to work some more and enjoy the amazing weather!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

After all the fun

Well all my travels are over for now..
Michigan for work-success
Boston- Had a good time, such a pretty city. Ate and drank a lot. Loved riding the T it was so easy to get everywhere we wanted to go. Met a few of megans friends out they showed us a great time. We visited; the aquarium, sam adams brewery, prudential building, newbury st, cheers, and a lot more! I would say our amount of time there was perfect(living in a city now I saw what I wanted and was ready to be home after 4 days)
Came home to nice weather and a nice week and half to prepare for my half marathon!
I ran almost every day. Did a 10 mile run with my mom and then rested for a few days.. I was getting so nervous, but knew with that many people around it would motivate me to keep running. I just wanted to beat my mom and finish.
North Carolina obx- It came time to head to obx(my fav place ever!) got there layed by the pool and beach, did a run. Went out to eat.. driving just brought back so many memories of my childhood. I didn't want the trip to end.. We had amazing weather Fri and Sat, but when it came down to the run it was 100% change of rain/thunderstorms... Woke up to pouring rain, but not cold.. I ran and ran so excited to be doing this for myself and to show others I could do it. When I broke away from my mom I looked back and never saw her again. I knew I would accomplish my goal of finishing and beating her. I ran across that finish line with a huge smile! soaked and cold, but so happy. We waited for everyone else to finish and it was just to cold to stay and party. We went back to the house and relaxed. What an amazing weekend I will never forget. I got my obx 13.1 sticker and can not wait to put it on my car!
Now that my trips are over I am looking forward to memorial day at the beach next! Have a busy month of May but a lot to look forward to :)
I can't wait to love city life in the summer and do a lot of fun things with friends and family!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Off to Boston on Friday! I think it is a much needed roommate trip..We both are so busy with work and new boys and just life..Hope our trip is fun and a new experience for both of us! Until then have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How long until summer?

Now that my birthday month is over the next thing to look forward to is warm weather and summer...Well I take that back, I am looking forward to Michigan in March for work, Boston and my first 1/2 marathon in April and then summer...
For my birthday weekend we ended up going out friday night to fells point, had a great time with everyone!
Saturday Scott Susan and I did some errands had a  fun day then my parents came over for drinks and apps before we headed to the comedy club. I got sung to once we got to the comedy club(he tried to embarress me). The comedians were great, we then went to dinner at RA sushi, not a fan of sushi but their shrimp tempora is great and finished it off with the best dessert out there..tempora cinnamin cake...
My dad was drinking(he never ever does) and he wanted to go out so we took him into fells point and went to maxs. Had a beer or 2 then headed home. It was a nice day! I got a bike and a necklace from my parents.
On my actual birthday jeanne came down and we ran around the harbor for 6 miles, which felt great! I am getting closer to my 13 mile goal!
We then went to stackhouse for drinks and my aunt met us there and gave me my gifts, wisks, recipe book, and a recipe holder. So love kitchen stuff! Later in the night Scott took me to Salt, a restaurant in Butchers Hill. It was so fancy and soo good, I got brasied short ribs, Scott got Mahi. We had a great dinner and it was a perfect ending to a great 25th birthday. And he surprised me with a ipod when we got home :)

Now no drink March starts(not going to drink and if I do very very little) so I can focus on running and getting into summer shape!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


February has brought on a lot of baking and cooking so far. I have printed off a few recipes at work and love to try as many as I can. Only having myself to cook for is a little hard with big recipes, so I am thankful I have scott to help taste and take leftovers!
So far I have made a few good ones and one horrible recipe.
Chicken cor don bleu casserole (needed a little more flavor going to try a few extra ingrediants next time)
Baked pizza casserole(pretty much spaghetti in a casserole dish topped with pepporni)
Breakfast muffins, eggs and what every you want cooked in muffin tins( I added hot sauce sausage mushrooms onions and broccli to mine/scotts) they are so good to heat in microwave and have an on the go breakfast. Scott puts them on a muffin to eat in the car
Tuna Noodle casserole(made for scott for valentines day, turned out great! easy to freeze and reheat)
Spaghetti with meat vodka sauce(I am not a fan of tomatoes so I enjoy vodka sauce on my angel hair with seasoned ground beef)
Green bean, hash brown casserole(easy slow cooker recipe turned out pretty good, dont know that I would make it again)
Cookies(for valentines day)
Quinoa(bought it at a health food store, made a huge batch split it with my mom, added a huge bag of assorted frozen veggies, everyone seemed to like it)
Next on my list is a slow cooker enchilada recipe...
Not good:
Honey Mustard slow cooker chicken(It has dijon and honey, how can that be bad? house smelled so bad the whole night when I took chicken out it was a little dry and taste exactly like dijon mustard covered chicken...) Never make it again

I got a cast iron skillet and a dutch oven this month as well which has made my recipes fun to cook and try something new..

As my birthday month is flying by I have started to think of ideas of what to do. I know i can do the typical go out to the bars with my friends, but living in Canton now that is just another weekend night. Scott suggested a comedy club or something different. Jeanne was bringing up wine tasting. I looked into comedy and think we will go to the baltimore comedy club and then out to a nice dinner at RA sushi. I am not a fan of sushi at all, but their dumplings and tempora shrimp are awesome. Scott also mentioned taking me to Salt in Baltimore for dinner Friday, menu looks different then what I would normally go for, but I am turning 25 so I think  i should try something new.

Lots to look forward to in the upcoming weeks :)